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The “Photosintesi” cultural association of Casarano, within the We Land Photofest to be held in Specchia from 02 to 09 November 2019, organizes “We are the Landscape”, photocontest from We Land Photofest.

Call for entries – Theme:

“The story is just us, no one feels offended, we are this meadow of needles under the sky… We are the story, pay attention, no one feels excluded “
(Francesco De Gregori – La storia siamo noi)
“The Landscape tells… the story of men”
(Eugenio Turri – The landscape tells)
WE LAND photofest is photography and speeches about the landscape.

“The beating of a butterfly in Brazil can generate a storm in Texas,” he said in 1962 Edward Lorenz, and is what is known in physics today as “butterfly effect”. Butterfly performs a simple daily act, flapping its wings is in its nature, and certainly it doesn’t worry about the consequences that its actions can cause in another part of the world.
It’s just what we do every day: we are that butterfly and ours are the small operations they modify the space that surrounds us. It’s just us who wake up every morning and drink a coffee, without asking us from which plantation it arrives. We are the ones who turned off millions of cigarettes and sunk them in the sand, with the consequence of irreparably changing  ecosystem and  landscape. We are the ones who built sea-view villas, mountain huts or small and humble little houses that have created the historic centers of our villages.
Man has always been interconnected with the environment, and is an active protagonist of the landscape builds under his eyes. His actions, from the most banal to the most important, shape the territory and the landscape, modifying day by day the eco-system to which he belongs.
The constitution of the landscape is a process of history (“The story is us, attention, nobody feel excluded ”sings Francesco De Gregori).
The need to tell the landscape through photography stems from the need to reflect on relationship we have with our planet. Man today is a pen that writes the landscape, tells and transforms it into narration, and exerts a pressure on the environment of which, however, is not felt responsible. Today more than ever we feel that we cannot postpone this precious topic, which is necessary stop, reflect, talk with and about the landscape.



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